McKenzie Friend Professional is a training programme aimed at people who want to represent themselves in a court or tribunal, or for those who want to support and help others navigate the justice system and present their case.

MFP Basics is an introductory course run over a 2 day weekend.


Advanced MFP is for participants who want to achieve competency. The advanced modules are run once per month, over a three month period. Participants are required to

undertake a case study and research project as self -directed learning.


The McKenzie Friend Professional training programme is suitable for people who want to explore the option of self-representation in relation to their own case; or for those who are already engaged in proceedings and want to build the know-how to represent their case in a court or a tribunal. The training programme is aimed at resourcing people with the knowledge and skills to undertake self-representation, or to assist those who do.

Contact us if you are interested in doing a training course and obtaining accreditation as a McKenzie Friend Professional.

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