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Our Team

He also saw people who could not get their case before a court or a tribunal because they were unfamiliar with the court processes and did not have confidence or the right kind of information to put their case together. 

Vinay Deobhakta - see reviews

Vinay Deobhakta is a qualified lawyer and has a considerable background in legal practice across several jurisdictions with an emphasis on family and criminal law. Over the years Vinay was involved in legal cases he recognised the difficulties many clients had getting access to justice.

Essentially people were hindered by the high cost of legal representation and by the lack of information on the law and the courts. Vinay says he saw a gap in the market where people earn too much money to access legal aid but cannot afford a lawyer.

family court and employment matters, from the mediation/negotiation stage through to litigation, as well as in dealings with Tribunals and other Government agencies.  Kirsten is based in Sydney and is the Director of the McKenzie Friend Professionals located in NSW.

Kristen Westwood

Kristen Westwood is a qualified lawyer with over 20 years of commercial and legal experience in a wide range of industries including investment management, financial planning, insurance, hospitality, fitness, construction and the not-for-profit sector.

Kristen became interested in

self-representation and supporting others with their legal problems after being involved in her own difficult family court proceedings as a self-represented litigant.  

Since then she has helped clients successfully advocate for and represent themselves in bankruptcy, public liability,

Anthea strongly supports the concept of McKenzie Friends and is motivated by her longstanding interest in social inclusion and social justice.

Anthea Raven

Anthea Raven is a qualified and currently registered social worker and an accredited mediator with a considerable number of years involved in statutory child protection and family violence. Importantly, she has experience in the tertiary education sector. 

Over the past five years she has provided conflict management training and coaching, mediation and advocacy for people who find themselves in a dispute, involved in family court matters, or have an employment grievance.