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  1. "Tena Koutou, My name is Tuhi Rxxxx, I have defended myself in the family court and other people in the disputes Tribunal not knowing I was a self-litigant, I had no idea what that was until I went along and met Vinay at a presentation, he had some years ago regarding McKenzie Friends. His willingness to training lay people as McKenzie Friends resonated well with me as after dealing with lawyers and discovering every time you talk with them including 90 seconds in the telephone the meter is running and your account gets higher. Then I find out that a lawyer's first duty is to the court.?? Going into a court room for the first time not knowing what you are getting yourself into is in itself , pretty scary, once you are in there you have no idea what is going on until you hear the charge read out and the Judge telling you this is how much you have to pay, all of this is extremely intimidating and made me determined to seek a better way of presenting myself  to rebut the court, so having completed the training and becoming an accredited McKenzie Friend, has been an enormous help to me. I strongly urge people to undergo the training , acquiring knowledge is empowering it teaches you to represent your case well , or put it in an easier way using the five P's.... Perfect-Planning-Prevents Poor Performance! All you need to know about what happens in the court room to present your paperwork, where to look for information, these are pretty good tools to help you become more confident  when you stand before a Judge or Tribunal. I assisted two people in custody disputes with their children and things have turned out favourably, like so many they could not afford lawyers - I did not charge them. But I enjoyed the venison steaks. I advised them how to go about presenting the paperwork and for them to try and leave the emotions out and I did not have to go in the court room with them. Thumbs up to McKenzie Friends. Na mihi ki a koutou, Naku Noa Tuhi Rxxxxxxxx "  August 2019, Letter in Support of McKenzie Friend Training.

  2. "My name is G xxx Cxxxx and I have been a self-litigant in the Family Court for almost 2 years now'. Originally, I was represented by a barrister but became dissatisfied with the level  of  representation and  the costs. Initially I thought I had no choice but to represent myself until a friend told me about McKenzie Friends. 1 did some research on what a McKenzie friend is and found one through a company called McKenzie Friend Professionals Limited. Since taking this step my life  had been a lot easier and it has been great having a support person who not only understands the court system  but has been able to assist me explain  my  position  to the family court. My McKenzie friend has also helped me deal effectively with hostile lawyers who act for my former partner. The cost has been a fraction of what my former lawyer would have charged. I’m so pleased with the McKenzie Friend idea that I am considering doing the training myself in future so I can help other women who have been in my position. I’m very pleased to hear that more McKenzie friends are being trained in NZ and Australia because there is definitely a need for them. The lawyer’s fees are unaffordable for most women in my position (and I know many women in my position)  and furthermore I found it so much easier to talk to and relate with my McKenzie Friend. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Sincerely Gxxxx Cxxxx, " 4 August 2019, Northland , Letter in support of McKenzie Friend training

  3. “ I have known Vinay for a number of years and have worked with him in the McKenzie Friend space.  I too have a legal background, what is important to highlight is Vinay's character.  He is the consummate professional and has a very sharp legal mind.  He has unconditionally supported me in some of my cases.”  Donna Phillips, 26 Nov 2019

  4. “ Vinay Deobhakta has faced a few problems and he has overcome difficulties in order to get where he is today. He has worked hard and he has worked smart to create a unique business model which there is a demand for. He should be commended for his great work. "Anand Sule, 26 Nov 2019

  5. “I’ve been a friend of Vinay’s for many years. I have been impressed at the resilience and patience he has demonstrated over the past decade.” Jonathan Hardie-Neil, 26 Nov 2019

  6. “ I used Vinay as a McKenzie friend in the family court. He saved me money on lawyers and with his support gave me confidence to stand up to a bullying partner and her aggressive lawyer. I have a great relationship with both my daughters as a result.“ David Hardy, 26 Nov 2019

  7. “ Vinay Deobhakta helped my partner as a McKenzie friend a few years ago and it was a blessing we found him. My partner had spent thousands on a lawyer who just encouraged her and her ex to keep fighting on and on and on and she was getting no where. Vinay put the matter to bed almost immediately- we cannot thank this man enough! “ Grant M, 26 Nov 2019

  8. “VINAY is exceptional. I found him reliable, caring and trustworthy. He has made time to help me with my case in a very dire situation without hesitation and on a very short notice. He has a great understanding of the Law and easy to work with. “ Sarah, 26 Nov 2019

  9. “I have a number of close associates and acquaintances who have used the services of Vinay Deobhakta to represent themselves and the needs of their children in the Family Court.  This has been mainly due to lack of appropriate legal services available and the huge cost of "legal aid", which attracts  extensive  costs and heavy monthly interest.  New Zealand breaches the international UN conventions regarding free and equal legal supports for parents to protect their children from state action and other harm. The McKenzie Friend, or Amicus Curiae, services enhance mediation and minimise the conflict inherent to adversarial Family Court practices who are financially rewarded to litigate.   This greatly reduces court time and the risk of repeat hearings, that result in a deep drain on parental finances and undermine parenting, which in turn causes trauma in a child's life.  Women in particular are often faced with losing their children their homes and their employment over vexation legal action by abusive ex partners, state child welfare agencies etc..  These Amicus Curiae services are essential in supporting mothers to support, nurture and protect their children. “ Virginia Plain, 26 Nov 2019

  10. “My personal experience as a paying client with Vinay Deobhakta has been nothing short of phenomenal. He and his team member took ownership of a complex high needs medical/disability with children case that has been in litigation trans-tasman. Allowing fair and equitable access to a defence that other court players weren’t simply prepared to work the matter to the level of details and comprehension required to defend the children. Which is often the reality of pioneering a “test case”.  Vinay can also navigate all terrain required and I state that with absolute confidence from direct experience. Vinay motivation’s differ, as he advocates strongly for what was beneficial for the children and has laser focused strategy to reach it. Vinay’s high standard ethics present in all his work. I felt a natural trustworthiness with him and his associate based in Sydney. To summarise: Vinay as your defender is the person you want to go to war with. He is that impactful. Highly recommend AAA++” Mary Robinson, 26 Nov 2019

  11.  “Tautoko for our Brother Vinay, Vinay is helping my family currently here in Brisbane with Mckenzie friends stuff. He’s great to deal with! “   Teraimana T. F26 Nov 2019

  12. “I was referred to Vinay by a mutual friend. Vinay was nothing but professional, gave great advice, held my hand through the family court process and we won. When I was close to saying something in the heat of the moment he pulled me back. Throughout this time I was aware he was also helping a lot of women who were being financially and emotionally reabused through the legal system after being abused in their marriages and the empathy he bought to the situation surprised me. I had not seen such from any lawyer and I went through ten of them before I found Vinay. I cannot recommend him highly enough - the man changed the world for my daughter and I. “ Debbie Jane Swanwick, 25 Nov 2019

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